Clouds & Cups - SS19 "The Measured Irreverence"

Sydney based brand Clouds & Cups (@cloudsandcupsclothing) have released the first part of their SS19 collection - The Measured Irreverence. See below a explanation of the collection by founder, Jon Wheeler. 

The Measured Irreverence (SS19) collection is a little trip down memory lane. High school and teenage-hood are two very bizarre concepts which generally do a great job of confusing the hell out of anyone experiencing them. In hindsight, a healthy dose of measured irreverence helped a lot in navigating that entertainingly murky phase of life.

Each design in this collection is directly inspired by some of the extra-curricular activities that were engaged in by me and my fellow associates back in the day. Dig a little deeper, and you’ll discover that each piece is rooted in a story about teenagehood, and ultimately, growing up.

Looking back, you realise how much you can actually get away with when you’re still a little punk in school with no responsibilities. Knowing that now makes me wonder whether I should have pushed the limits even more, but at the same time, maybe that’s how the journey down a less desirable road begins. Anyhow, one thing is for certain - those memories won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Every graphic in the Measured Irreverence (SS19) collection was designed and hand-printed in-house. Whilst being a very laborious process, the feeling of creating and sharing a DIY, hand-crafted garment is like no other. I hope you enjoy exploring this collection as much as I did creating it.

Lookbook photos by: Jon Wheeler (@frootl00ps)

Models:  @hendrixzilla  @aldsscc 

 Clouds & Cups - SS19 "The Measured Irreverence" is available online now - See the collection below. 

Cup and a Half Tee - Purple

Price: $55.00

Cup and a Half tee - Black

Price: $55.00


Redecoration Experts Tee - Powder Blue

Price: $55.00

Redecoration Experts Tee - White 

Price: $55.00
Ratbag Hotline Tee - Grey 

Price: $55.00

Ratbag Hotline Tee - White 

Price: $55.00