International Feature: Woodensun - Fall/Winter 2020 STRUGGLE FOR UTOPIA

Our friends at Woodensun (@woodensun) have recently dropped their Fall/Winter 2020 Collection - STRUGGLE FOR UTOPIA. 

Founded in Bandung, Indonesia in 2015, Woodensun is a group who work as
designers, print artists and photographers who translate their fantasies into a product based on visual research.

In this Fall/Winter 2020 collection, Woodensun bring us a fantasy theme and day-to-day phenomenon called “Struggle for Utopia”. The collection works off themes of anxiousness, emotional detachment, dehumanization, lack of control, boredom and a uncertain future.

The theme has been influenced by vintage books and literature. These included Future shock by Alvin Toffler, 1984 by George Orwell, Whole Earth Catalog, some Buckminster Fuller Essays, vintage Life, & Natgeo Magazine. This inspiration combined with the heavy graphics that Woodensun are known for came together to create this range. 

The collection features a selection of heavy washed tees, long sleeves, crewnecks, shorts and jackets combining a thoughtful mix of fabrics such as suede, dacron, polar fleece, dyed cotton and corduroy. 


Woodensun Fall/Winter 2020 STRUGGLE FOR UTOPIA is available online now - See some of the collection below. 

The New Atlantis 

Price: $30 USD 

The Rental Revolution  

Price: $30 USD

Eye In The Sky 

Price: $30 USD


The Big Bong Theory
Price: $30.00 USD
The Rise of The Runestone Eye 

Price: $30 USD



Price: $40 USD 
Biological Factory 

Price: $40.00 USD 


The Regulator Crewneck

Price: $60 USD


Information Overload Hoodie 

Price: $65.00 USD
Death of Presistence Jacket

Price: $90 USD

Incorporated Tribes Hat

Price: $35 USD  
Incorporated Tribes Cap

Price: $30 USD 

Buy the collection at: