Lo-Fi / Pass~Port Collection


Perth based Lo-Fi (@lofi_store) has worked with Sydney based Pass~Port (@pass_port) on a collaborative collection celebrating the two brands identities through a love of kitsch, tongue in cheek graphics. The collection features graphic tee and fleece, alongside an all over print disposable camera and insulated tote bag.

Modes: @_joshweller_ @wkinheaf @bphil__

Lo-Fi / Pass~Port Collection will be available in store Saturday 22.08.20 at 10am AWST and online Sunday 23.08.20 at 4pm AWST - See the collection below. 
Digger Tee 
Digger Pullover Hood 
Kiss My Ass Tee 

Drink and Design Club Cooler Tote Bag 

We Deliver Tee