ONE 9 (Street) - WINTER 20 and Mini Interview

Recently, Melbourne based ONE 9 (Street) (@one9street) dropped their WINTER 20 collection "TIME TO CONQUER". 

As per the standard for ONE 9 (Street)s collections, the drop has been extremely well received. The Grey Heavyweight 1/4 Zip sold out in minutes and has been put back online with whats left of the collection for a limited pre-order. 

Last night we had a quick chat with David, owner and founder of the brand and got some insights into the drop. 

Lookbook photos by: Wilhelm Philipp (@wilhelmphilipp)
Modeled by: @the.dr1fter

Hey mate! Thanks for catching up, although we’re sick of talking about COVID, how have you and the brand faired through everything that’s gone on?

It’s definitely been strange times! It’s been pretty tough to read the market throughout COVID. It’s been going alright, a little bit better than I originally thought to be honest. But as I said, COVID has thrown a spanner in the works and trying to figure out consumer expenditure levels has been a bit of a task. I think it’s turned out alright in the end though, ONE 9 hasn’t really been affected too much which I’m really thankful for!

The Winter 20 drop had the tag line ‘Time to Conquer’ could you tell us a little bit about the background to the collection theme and what you wanted to achieve with this drop?

Funny you ask that! It’s been the first release for a while that hasn’t represented some sort of underlying political message. I like to provoke thought with my work, but this time I decided not to.

The title “Time To Conquer” just references the stage I’m personally at with the brand. A lot of brands these days, even with really great work, come and go. It’s been really hard to break out of that “come and go brand” bracket. It’s taken time and work to gain trust and credibility amongst my audience; the trust that ONE 9 will be sticking around and actually kicking on for quite some time. I feel that now people are starting to realise that.

I feel that now is a really great opportunity to put my head down and really kick on hard from here, hence the collection title. Hopefully things can continue to grow and push on. I’m so lucky to have such amazing people who continue to support the brand. Without them all of this goes down the drain!

Some of your items are made 100% in Melbourne, has that been a conscious choice?

Well spotted! Some garments are indeed 100% made in Melbourne. I try to source fabrics made locally as much as I can, as it builds trust and morality knowing where your fabrics are coming from and that no one’s been exploited for it. The rest of my garments from the US are exploitation-free too, but having fabrics made 100% under the noses of fellow local Melbournians gives an authenticity and connection that just doesn’t come from anywhere else. I think customers prefer that too.

ONE 9 (Street) Winter 20 "TIME TO CONQUER" available online now - See the collection below.

Item 9.1 Grey Heavyweight 1/4 Zip 

Price: $90.00 AUD

Item 9.1 Black Heavyweight 1/4 Zip 

Price: $90.00 AUD

Item 9.2 Tee

Price: 40.00 AUD


Item 9.3 Track and Fields Tee 

Price: $40.00 AUD

Item 9.2 Heavyweight Crew

Price: SOLD OUT 

Item 9.3 Track and Fields Long Sleeve