PLANT WORLD - Leisurewear Collection


This Monday, 30th of November at 12:30pm AEST, Melbourne based Graphic Designer Mike (
@plant_world_studio) is dropping 'Leisurewear' a streetwear-inspired collection. This is the first full collection drop from PLANT WORLD, Mike previously having only single designs and smaller themed pieces up for sale in his web store. The collection includes a range of Tees, Sweatshirts and Hoodie in varied colourways, two caps and a Nalgene water bottle. 


A few words from Plant World Studio below:

First off - shout out to my man TheNewBoulevard for letting me put this up here.

Plant World Studio is a little project of mine (I’m Mike) that I started during lockdown here in Melbourne. I primarily make tees and prints but PWS gives me a platform to work with other cool people and create other stuff too.

A while back I designed and printed a bunch of more low-key things for just me to wear personally and didn’t list them on the site. But I thought why not make that stuff available to everyone else too - so that’s what I did and called it Leisurewear.

Buy it if you want - it’s the same quality as always - just a bit more wearable. 

PLANT WORLD STUDIO - Leisurewear Collection available online Monday 30th of November 12.30PM AEST - See some of the collection below.
Slime Tee 

Price: $55.00 AUD

 Anatomy Tee  

Price: $55.00 AUD

Vortex Hood 

Price: $85.00 AUD 


Vine Sweater 

Price: $115.00 AUD

Thorns Sweater 

Price: $115.00 AUD