ֆTÜM - Sun Dance Collection Preview

 This Thursday at 6PM AEST, Melbourne based ֆTÜM (@stum___) are dropping their latest collection. 

The 'Sun Dance Collection' features multiple hand dyed items and a 1 of 1 t-shirt.

"Transport yourself into a sunny mystical land where the clouds sing and the plants dance" 

 The Sun Dance Collection is available online Thursday 8th of October at 6PM AEST - See the collection below. 

Ethereal Water Hoodie - Purple 

Price: $90.00 AUD 


Ethereal Water Tee - Navy 

Price: $50.00 AUD 


Sunflower Society Tee - White 

Price: $50.00 AUD 


Sunflower Society Tee - Cloud 

Price: $60.00 AUD 

Sunflower Society Tee - Sunrise 

Price: $60.00 AUD 


Shady Sun Premium Embroidered Hoodie - Light Grey 

Price: $110.00 AUD

Sunflower Society Tote - Natural 

Price: $30.00 AUD 


Sunflower Society Tote - Sunset

Price: $40.00 AUD

(1 Of 1) Ethereal Water Tee - Portal Grey 
Price: $70.00 AUD