Sunday Mass™ - ‘Psycho’ COLLECTION

Melbourne based Sunday Mass™ (@sunday_______mass) has recently dropped their Autumn/Winter 2020 range, the ‘Psycho’ COLLECTION.

We had a quick word with the brand to get the inspiration behind the collection. 

"The psycho collection aims to encourage individuals to not hide behind their public facade and instead show their true identity, to not be afraid to show your friends and the world who you really are and want to be. The collection was bought together by our strong belief that everyone should have to freedom to be who they want and say what they believe."

Models: @machar    @itsnotdiovi

Sunday Mass ™ 'Psycho' Collection available online now - See the collection below.


Price: $50.00 AUD


Price: $65.00 AUD

PSYCHO Hoodie 

Price: $90.00 AUD


REVOLT Hoodie 

Price: $90.00 AUD