Holding a couple of stellar threads from young Melbourne streetwear brand Theseus, we flew out from Melbourne and hit the streets of Tokyo. In-between sakes we grabbed a few shots and paired the city that has a strong love for 90’s retro culture with an Australian brand that feels the same. Getting back to Melbourne, we got a chance to have a chat to Greg, the founder. We found out what Theseus is all about, how heavily Greg is influenced by being a child of the 90s, talked about our shared belief that the Australian independent fashion scene is killing it and what’s next for this fresh young brand.


TNB: Greg, thanks for having a chat with us! Tell us what Theseus is all about?

Greg: Theseus (pronounced Thee-See-Us) is really, the materialisation of my creative vision. It is for those who appreciate style, design and streetwear culture in general. It is the Rebel Alliance to the mainstream conformity that is the empire, haha.

TNB: When did you launch and what inspired you to start?

Greg: I started making a few t-shirt designs, and had the name and logo designed in 2015, but I didn’t start making products until July 2016.

I’m a child of the 90’s. I grew up around hip hop, grunge and American sports and of course streetwear. From as early as I can remember I have been into streetwear, rocking brands like Nike, Adidas EQT, Cross Colours, Nutmeg, Logo 7, Starter, The Game, and Stussy. Of course my parents couldn’t afford all this, so I was in awe of my friends older brother’s who seemed to be decked out in fresh threads every week.

So it’s been something I wanted to do for a while, I just didn’t know how to do it, where to start etc.

So, as luck would have it, I started a Graphic Design course in 2013 and was living in Toronto at the time where I discovered brands like The Legends League (from Toronto), Fake (from Montreal), who, along with a few other brands I’d discovered a few years before, re-ignited my passion for streetwear.
I loved messing around with Illustrator and vector art in general.

One thing led to another and Bam! Theseus was born.

TNB: We love the name Theseus, what’s the inspiration behind it?

Greg: Theseus, in Greek mythology, was the King of Athens and son of the gods. He was asked to enter the labyrinth and kill the Minotaur.  He was able to, due to his skills in combat and brute strength, but he still needed to find his way out. His wife, Ariadne had given him a length of twine to help him retrace his steps and exit the labyrinth; without her help, he would have died in the labyrinth. This is where the real inspiration from my brand comes from. That none of us are as strong as all of us. Put simply, in the immortal words of Rick James, it’s about “UNITYYYY”.

TNB: We’ve spoken a little bit about how you love nostalgic stuff from the 90s, is this style core to the Theseus aesthetic? Or is the aesthetic something likely to change with new trends?

 Greg: I don’t think that it will change with trends necessarily, but it will change. I don’t try to pay too much attention to trends, instead I just try to focus on what I like.  Sure the crux of the brand will still be based upon the greatest decades of all time, but I will certainly be venturing away from that from time to time. Probably to portray my other interests of higher consciousness, art and design.

 TNB: Theseus is very active on Instagram, can you tell us a little bit about your process for getting and choosing content to post?
 Greg: It’s funny you say that. I have had a bit of a hiatus from the gram recently. I’ve been snowed under with personal stuff and when that happens you have to lighten your load.

I have had some help from some amazing photographers to help me produce some of the content, including Lucas Blackman (@lucasblackman) and Tom Shepherd (@tomshepherd), but I need to be more active on there and not rely on others so much. Instagram is very new to me, but it is a necessary tool to have in this day and age.

TNB: Lets get personal. What’s a good weekend for you look like?

Greg: Just relaxing, seeing a movie, being with friends and family, hopefully selling some tee’s.

TNB: Saturday night out, Sunday Sesh or neither?

Greg:  Sunday sesh for sure. A few pints, a burger, some tunes, some sun and good friends is great for the soul.

TNB: Do you have any Australian independent brands that you’re loving right now?

Greg: Fuck, where do I start. Melbourne alone is killing it. Someone asked me the other day “is Australia very far behind the US for streetwear?”. I said, “Not at all. We have some amazing brands here that could and should, seriously be household names the world over”.

Names that spring to mind are Most Melbourne who do some incredible designs, Correct Wear, Viceroy (in NSW), Indigo, who has an amazing Instagram feed (I strongly recommend people check them out), and of course the heavy hitters like Saint Side, just to name a few.

TNB: Melbourne features in one of Theseus staple tees, and we think that’s pretty rad. Did you grow up in Melbourne? And do you feel where you grew up has influenced the type of brand you want to build?

Greg: I grew up in Adelaide, my area and my surroundings certainly paved the way both for Theseus and who I am as a person. I made the Melbourne tee because I am a huge fan of this city and it’s melding cultures and I love the Mets and Queens hip hop in general.

 TNB: What’s on the cards next for Theseus? Are you working on any new releases?

Greg: Always working on new stuff. I am close to finalising a few things for summer. Just gotta find the time to get it done and the coin to make it.

TNB: What’s the distant future look like for Theseus?

Greg: The distant future? Shit. I’d like to think that Theseus has become symbolic with streetwear in Australia and that it becomes something I can make a living off of and I can afford to buy a BMW E30 M3!! For now though, it’s still young and it has a lot of growing to do. These things take time, I keep trying to tell myself that…

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