Tokyo Fashion & Streetwear Shopping Guide.

On the streets in Shibuya, Tokyo, we decided to take a few shots and put together this guide. This list is by no means an exhaustive list, we've decided to pick a few of our favourites to help you on your way. On this trek you will find many more stores, cafes and highlights.

This guide will take you through where to find some of the big names, speciality streetwear resellers, high end vintage and boutique Japanese sellers. The shopping is top notch and the people are even better. Use this guide as a starting point to create your own memories.

Getting there

Take a train to Shibuya Station,  upon exit you'll be greeted by the famous Shibuya crossing. Grab yourself a photo and a Starbucks frappe, why not, you deserve it. After you're done drinking your days worth of calories in 400mls of liquid, head out and follow this poor quality map to your first destination; Rinkan.

The map 

Rinkan - @rinkan_shibuya

This is the spot for all your grails. The shit you’ve been looking for, and probably really can’t afford, but will probably buy anyway. Rinkan stocks a variety of sort after pieces from (to name a few) Comme des Garcons, Off White, Raf Simons, Marc Jacobs, Dior. If you’re really packing, they also stock Gucci, Prada, YSL, Hermes and more luxury goods.

Freaks Store - @freaksstore_official 

This Japanese chain has a heavy American influence, stocking seasonal clothing,  streetwear/skate wear and lifestyle brands. You’re going to be finding some pretty common names like Dickies, Champion, Fila, Patagonia, Lees, North Face, Vans and Good Wear amongst some smaller providers and the Freaks Store own brand, which is pretty good by itself and covers a huge range of threads.

Hare - @hare_official

Dope Japanese brand for both women and men. Classic Japanese silhouettes, with loose fitting, baggy knits and pants, wide leg styles and flares. Really great digs, check them out.

WARE-MO-KOU - @ware_mo_kou

A unique concept store, an experience as much as it is a retail store. Ware-Mo-Kou stocks a varying range of top designers: Nicholas Daley, Toogood, Yohji Yamamoto, Porter Classic and Blackmeans to name a few. Definitely worth a look.

Nano Universe - @nanouniverse_official

Japanese retailer with a strong range of Japanese brands and world brands, hard to put them in a category. Last years collab with NUMBER (N)INE saw a drop of repurposed vintage tees, with a large script that read “NUMBER” across the chest and they didn’t last very long. Doing what they do, and doing it well.

supreme - @supremenewyork

One of three Supreme locations in Tokyo, you can pretty much guess the experience here. If it’s not closed and you head in on a week day, it’ll be pretty much empty. You’ve gotta be lucky enough to get this one on a drop.

Aape (By a bathing ape)- @aapestorejp

The sister/brother brand of BAPE, originally started as a woman’s streetwear line but is now its own separate entity. Sometimes called a more adult version of BAPE, a common theme makes its way through the brand with pieces heavy in camo, albeit a more realistic less cartoony camo print then BAPE.

Ragtag- @ragtag_official 

A fairly iconic second hand store in Japan, Ragtag buys and sells used designer brands. From practically any brand you can think of. To name a few: Comme des Garcons, Saint Laurent, Chrome Hearts, Maison Kitsune, Thom Browne and Acne Studios. That is really just naming a few, this store has a wide range of brands at all price scales, probably more accessible for a purchase than Rinkan which is really for your high end grails.

417 Edifice x Slobe IÉNA-

Four One Seven, hard to put this one in a box. Stocked with a variety of different brands, heavily Japanese, with the obvious regulars in sneakers. Their own brand does alright as well, French preppy inspiration mixes with a Japanese streetwear vibe.

Beams- @beams_offical

If you’ve never been to Japan, it’s likely you’ve never heard of Beams.  The powerhouse in Japanese retail has been around for over 40 years and is still primarily domestic. Started off a booming Japan infatuated by American Fashion. Beams was originally founded with a focus on “West Coast Americana” and quickly established itself as the original Japanese concept store and lifestyle brand before these things meant anything. Now stocking a mix of Japans own unique brands and brands from across the globe, Beams still has managed to maintain its Americana vibe and a strong place amongst Japan’s diverse fashion scene.

HUF - @hufjp

Doesn’t need much of an intro. Made by skateboarders, for skateboarders. The usual HUF streetwear/skatewear, this store looks dope. Check it out.

Walkin' Store - @walkinstore_tokyo

A super cool small boutique lifestyle wear store, stocking the standards and some cult favourites. To drop a few names: Guess, Fila, Chinatown Market, MoBB, Rare Panther, Born X Raised.

Studious (jinnan)- @studious_official

Studios is a ‘select’ store that stocks only Japanese brands. Seeking to promote local fashion to an international audience. The Shibuya Jinnan store is a high-end version of their other stores, it’s worth having a look at just for the décor and traditional styled Japanese ryokan change rooms. This store stocks only men’s clothing from leading Japanese brands like White Mountaineering, N.Hoolywood and standout boutique lines like Loopwheeler Sendagaya, Tone Tokyo, Name., MisterGentleman and the list goes on. For those looking for womenswear there is a store elsewhere in Shibuya.

Gip Store- @team_desertstorm

Guerrilla The Incubation Period – The only flagship store in the world for WTAPS  and Forty Percent Against Rights. One of the coolest looking stores amongst this list, if not one of the coolest in Shibuya.


Motor Street Culture Store – A skateboarding store meets high fashion and avant-garde art. Decks from Welcome Skateboards, Tired skateboards, Alltimers and heaps more. Fashion, to name a few: Resort corps, Parra, and Civilist Berlin. A really great boutique store, with some cult labels you are unlikely to see on a regular basis, highly likely you’ll pick up something good here. 

Some notable mentions that are also on our map include:

Fredy & Gloster

F&G stock a heavy dose of Danton including some collaboration pieces, if you’re inclined probably worth a look through.


2nd Store

Acne Studios Bla Konst